I've asked some of my first-time and repeat clients - of whom have seen me for a variety of my services - if they were comfortable with submitting and allowing me to share a testimonial of what it's like working with me... and you can see these below. :)


"Prior to working with Ashley I wasn't sure what to expect. I had been feeling depleted of energy and a little ungrounded but I wasn't sure what the source of these imbalances were. During our session, we talked about these symptoms, and uncovered a few spiritual and lifestyle factors that could be the culprit. Ashley was super sweet, grounded and easy to talk to. I felt super comfortable as she guided me in meditation to release old energy that had been lodged in my body and helped to increase the energetic boundaries around my aura. After our session I felt lighter, brighter and more peaceful than ever. Thank you again, Ashley! We've barely scratched the surface and I will definitely be working with you again. I highly recommend working with this talented healer!"

- Jalesa T.

"Working with Ashley is a transformative journey. She's helped me with clearing attachments and let me release my emotions in a safe haven during our sessions. Her healing and guidance has always helped me in expanding my perspective and gain new insights with clarity. Anyone who is struggling with past trauma, emotional wounds, or just need some guidance in life, she can help you with her expertise."

- Joy H.

"I always wanted to try Reiki and I was excited when I just happened to meet Ashley - seemed like fate! I'm so glad I started my sessions with her, I don't at all understand how she does it but I feel 10X more peaceful and right with the world after she rights my vibes. I would recommend her to anyone!"

- Brooke N.

"Booked a session with Ashley not knowing what to expect and I was blown away! She is a very sweet compassionate person. Her gentle demeanour put me at easy straight away. I loved her method of card reading. Her advice and information was spot on. She is extremely intuitive. I plan on booking another session! I loved that she emailed me a recap too. Thank you again!"

- Shannon K.

"I had a Reiki session with Ashley and I had no idea what to expect! Ashley gives off such good energy! Prior to the session I had been feeling drained of my usual positive energy, I walked out of there feeling speechless from the amount of joy & love that I was feeling! I literally cried happy tears! She explained everything in detail so that I could understand what was going on. Since my session I have been in such a positive state. I am so glad I went to Ashley! She is incredible and I definitely recommend her services! I can't wait to book another session!"

- Hailey S.

"As someone unfamiliar with Reiki and spiritual healing, I came into my sessions with Ashley not knowing what to expect. Ashley is very knowledgeable and put me at ease going into our first Reiki session. In a few words, it was very relaxing! I was able to clear my thoughts almost completely and let go of a lot of stress, which is nothing short of impressive for someone like me. During the session I didn't feel much of anything, but in the days after I was in a better mood and had an easier time concentrating at work. 10/10 would Reiki again!"

- Jeff T.