• Ashley Tilson

Why I Don't Say I'm Psychic

In this day and age, we've heard it all -- you probably have family & friends that scoff at the idea, a good amount that would use the potential for the wrong reasons, and even worse... Some of the disheartening stories I've encountered aren't even limited to fraudulent psychics, but also Healers that passed on dark entities or curses instead of doing the opposite as expected. This was one reason why I registered myself with the Canadian Reiki Association (which holds me to a Code of Ethics and reviews the work I do through their requirement of 25 Case Studies to become a registered Practitioner), but it also became the reason I chose not to call myself a Psychic.

But here's the truth... in this New Age of awakening and acceptance, Intuitive has just become another term for Psychic!

There has been a lot of misconception that follows the term 'psychic' as well, and that's something I want to clear up for those that don't understand what it may be like to be one...

1) Not all psychics see the future.

This is the number #1 misunderstanding that I've encountered. While it's true that most psychics tap into future events, it's not as if they automatically know every single move of everyone's day for the rest of their lives. This information comes as a premonition of an event, insight when something relative is about to happen, or as it more naturally occurs for those that have empowered their gifts - messages from spirits that are channeled regarding a certain event, person, relationship.. or whatever the case. Long story short: it usually takes channeling something specific to read information about the future.

Every psychic is individual in their gifts, and it's usually a combination of gifts that makes reading the future possible. And while I personally can channel to answer questions about the future, I also follow my own personal rules in disclosing such information. I like to warn clients that if I tell them to look out for a specific place or person, the likelihood is too high that they'd be so focused on those details that they'd miss the real opportunities that pop up. I don't like focused future readings for another similar reason - which is that if one were to ever wake up one day and decide to walk a different path (literally or figuratively), then it would cause the reading to change; and thus, what was said before would no longer apply.

2) Psychics' practices differ.

Every practice is unique because every psychic brings to the table their years of experience, the methods they've developed using their gifts, and all of the training/mentoring they've undergone, along with other factors like who they connect to spiritually. I like to teach my students that all you can do is open yourself up to the possibilities and see where your heart is led because you'll find where your beliefs lie and which practices serve your lifestyle & needs. Many psychics stick with classic palm, tarot, and tea leaf readings, while you have others that channel and use crystal balls as well. All methods work and no way is wrong or less powerful than another - it's simply whichever method(s) are tried, tested, and proven for the individual performing them.

On the flip side of this, not all psychics are Healers either. Since my strongest gift is clairsentience (empath; the ability to feel, read & mirror others), I was led down the Healing path as a result of empowering my psychic abilities. While it's true that any psychic can become a Healer, it's a decision that one makes and then pursues. So when I say I offer Intuitive Healing, it means that I offer Healing (Reiki, or otherwise) that's facilitated using psychic channels, which is accompanied by the direction I receive from spirits along with any messages they have for/about you. Many psychics do not offer Healing services, and some Healers only heal -- you'd have to do your research on one's offerings to be clear on what to expect.

3) Not all psychics make themselves known.

This was a debate I had myself for years, and it's a fact that's been proven by me training alongside other powerful Healers that have no intention of offering their services to others. Some simply play their part by offering Healing to the universe (through meditation practices) or stick to only performing Healing & Readings on themselves and their family. Due to the hate and misconception, it's extremely nerve-wracking to tell others if you have psychic abilities. I waited until after my first certification to announce myself to the world and not-so-surprisingly, friends started drifting away. No matter how "on point" and helpful I was to them personally, there's something about this path that scared them away... and that was enough to want me to go back in the closet (so to speak).

There are many people out there who - like me - had reasons to attribute their sixth sense and supernatural experiences to mental illnesses they were evidently treated for. Part of my mission in being so loud and proud about it is helping others to come around and accept their truth and abilities. Many ignore them for so long that yes, they have actually shut them off.. but through Healing & training, they become more powerful than they imagined. But even then, some simply seek to empower themselves for their own use with no intention to ever use it for anyone else over the fear of public ridicule, alienation, or worse (if it would potentially destroy one's relationship with their spouse).

But needless to say, there's many more of us out there than one would imagine!

With all that being said, I just don't call myself a Psychic for many reasons... I don't want to be assumed as "someone to read my future love life" or as one that's limited to Reading services in general. Sometimes I channel information on my clients that they're not yet ready to hear, but I adapt and don't try to force any belief on them. Everyone comes around when they're ready, even if it's just for guidance on the next stage of their life, and this is honestly the best place to begin.

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