• Ashley Tilson

What is Intuitive Healing?

Have you been wondering if there's more than what meets the eye?

Are you becoming curious about spirituality and practices such as Reiki, crystal healing, and meditation for inner work and transformation?

Are you looking for additional help to heal from past trauma or other possible spiritual factors [that you're secretly suspicious of]?

I can help you!

  I used to resonate with the above - I never believed in such practices and possibilities before... yet as an Empath (someone that feels everything around them), I couldn't deny the relief and revelations that exploring this curiosity served.

  I was at a crossroads in life.. wondering what my psychic abilities and life experiences were meant to bring forth. Like everyone else on Earth; we all have personal experience & talent in something specific, that allows us to help others...

  But I didn't believe it until I was face to face with other Intuitive Healers, who told me what I needed to know. Since I know how life-changing this work can be, I only want to do the same for others.

Now as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Priestess of Light, and Crystal Healing Practitioner,

all I want to do is help YOU heal and gain clarity!

Release all that doesn't serve you...

Receive clarity and guidance...

  Regardless of my clients' expectations, they all leave my sessions feeling lighter/calmer, more empowered, and grounded with clarity. I've successfully helped my clients heal troubled relationships, put up boundaries and spiritual protection, heal from past traumatic situations, remove energetic attachments, heal sexual wounds, overcome addictions, and MORE! I offer a safe space along with my personal expertise and abilities to help you heal.

   I offer Reiki (energy healing) that removes negative energies and empowers your chakras, Soul Alchemy (guided meditation sessions targeted at specific inner work) which helps transform emotional responses and allows life-changing healing of past situations, Readings (using Tarot Cards for fun while I channel messages) that provide guidance and clarity on life, career, and relationships, Crafted with Love & Light items (my online store featuring crafted accessories), Training (for psychic development and Reiki certifications) and more!

  If you're feeling at a turning point and know extensive sessions will be required, check out my Package options for combined services with a discount. One session may only scratch the surface and will likely open you up to more awareness, thus requiring further sessions. I encourage all to book a free consultation call with me to discuss your needs further and get a personalized treatment plan from me.

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