• Ashley Tilson

What it means to "Awaken"

Let's face it.. at this point in time, we've heard the terms used in all different forms of media. WOKE, ALIGNED, ENLIGHTENED - just to name the common ones. These terms get a different context/meaning depending on the story that's being told, but the root cause is the same -- it's a significant moment or situation that brings on a realization that opens the floodgates (so to speak).

It marks a time where repressed and ignored truths come to light, you begin to see things for what they truly are, and a more specialized purpose is brought before you. In many cases, the world shows itself as a canvas in which you can see the bigger picture in all its authenticity (both good and bad) and you ask how your personal experiences, passions, and professional pursuits can help shift that to paint a more positive picture. It's undeniable that the tragedy, hate, ignorance, and favouritism that surrounds us creates unequal communities and thus, a suffering society... and it's those that have awakened that recognize this and shake their heads.

I'm all for people living the life that makes them happy, however that may look for them, so where's the respect and open-mindedness that we should all have for each other? Two polar opposites can be friendly neighbours if they just respect, understand, and allow their differences. And if this is a thought that's crossed your mind, then you have awoken too!

But what does it mean now that you know this about yourself?

And wow... how is this not a burden of a thought, and pursuit, to have??

When I first started awakening, it was a bit different because of my abusive childhood, and that's something I want to talk about more specifically here. Because I wasn't yet able to consider my own contributions to changing the world.. I was immediately more enraged by things like the broken justice systems, the stigmas, and the countless number of suffering victims - whether they be adults like me who were struggling with their lives because they couldn't find a forum to address the past, or were still children themselves dealing with parents who were just repeating the cycles of abuse.

I've said it many times before, and I'll say it again - when you're so young that the narcissism and abuse you're exposed to are the only things you've been taught about life, and you know there would be a very real threat to your life if you spoke up and questioned what was really going on at home, you end up burying these truths deep inside yourself, going into survival mode, and trying to move on with life ignoring it; thus, not reporting and addressing it.

So what happens when that is the case?

Well, I can tell you that it changes who you are. You grow into a persona of who you think you should be, but it ever so slowly eats at you that you're not your true self - because the past, and all of its truths - stays buried. So when this is the case, the awakening is about so much more than the bigger picture.. and it isn't even about that at first... it's about waking up to unbury your past. You begin to wonder WHY and HOW people can lead fully authentic, positive, and prosperous lives, and how that can be possible for you. You start to realize that after all you've been through, you deserve it more than anything, and ask yourself what steps you need to take to make that a reality.

You start to take stock of what you've been through, begin to address it, and begin the healing you need to realign with the person you were always meant to be...

And the truth is that once you see it for yourself and can do it for yourself, you return to the thought of how many other people out there are like you. You realize the greater impact your story can make for those that are in the shoes you were once in, and begin to see how the bigger picture relates to you personally. THAT'S what this awakening journey is about (with the context changing to fit the story).

I never used to think it was possible to be truly happy, feel free from the long reach and effects of my abusers, or be able to not need those pain & mind numbing habits to get through my days... but after going through my trauma recovery & release process, I proved myself wrong. I ended up looking in the mirror, no longer able to recognize the person I used to be (but in a very good way!), and just saying "wow". That's why my slogan is "If I can do it, you can do it too!" but the truth is that without this awakening realization, NONE of this journey would've been possible!

My awakening came with a period of anger and frustration when I was seriously contemplating suicide due to a deep depression. Yours doesn't have to be the same, but I want to share that it's surprisingly common for this to be the "setting" in which these considerations & realizations occur. It's often a rock bottom moment that pushes us to think bigger and bring upon the thoughts that create this. And whatever your awakening looks like... whatever thoughts & realizations it may bring.. don't discredit them! Our brain is more powerful than we often give it credit for, and such as with all that's created by ignoring our past truths, it will always find a way to make us consider everything that we're not considering - thus, making an awakening inevitable when it's something that we need.

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