• Ashley Tilson

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of healing using universal life force energy, performed by someone that has been attuned & trained to use the modality. Usui Reiki dates back to the 1800's - when Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki during his own pursuit of enlightenment. While it is not intended to a cure or the means to treat a serious ailment, many have experienced positive health benefits including shortened recovery time (from surgery or injury), the ability to think clearer & more honestly, and the decrease of bodily aches & pain.

Everyone has 7 primary chakras (energy centers) running down the middle of the body, as well as secondary chakras throughout the rest of the body. Anytime we overexert, take on, and hold onto any energy within us (stress, for example) we clog up or overload one or more of our chakras. This can lead to illness (anxiety, for example) when there's been no change in what we do about (or how we handle) ourselves & our issues, and if we do not find any solution that will help us. Reiki works by balancing the chakras so that we can return to being optimistic, free-moving & free-thinking... among other things.

Clients can usually relate to one of the following scenarios:

1) They've come for a Reiki treatment through desperation to treat mental illness; they've been medicated and counseled, but despite their best efforts, they don't see their positive side. Reiki can help with removing what is holding them back from speaking up/deciding/moving on, etc. - as long as they are actively working towards their own recovery (recommended alongside Intuitive Counselling).

2) They've come for a Reiki treatment through either curiosity or recommendation (or sometimes desperation) for a medical issue. Sometimes it's to help with something untreatable, or sometimes it's to assist with a medical plan such as surgery or cancer treatments. Reiki can give one the capability to recover faster, and get back to being "you".

3) They've come for a Reiki treatment through spiritual curiosity or recommendation. Anyone that is accustomed to Reiki can surely tell you that they need to have a treatment every so often. If you're well in touch with your spiritual self, then you know (you feel it; you're not your "true" self) when you need Reiki! Those that seek to open/strengthen their own spiritual gifts are elevated by Reiki and level up upon getting certified themselves.

Regardless of the scenario, it's not a "one time" fix. While some feel no need to return for treatment, there will eventually be a need for it; it really depends on your reasons for doing it!

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FIRST TIME? Here's what to expect with a Reiki treatment:

If you're receiving Reiki for the first time, it's recommended that you start with 3 weekly one-hour sessions in order to receive the best results in the beginning. Afterward, monthly treatments are recommended; especially for those that are highly sensitive (mental illness), going through any life change or transformation, and those actively working with their spiritual self. This is a recommended guideline, but does not dictate how often treatment needs to occur - you can decide for yourself!

The client lays down on their back on the treatment table (or can sit in a chair as needed) - similar to the set up for a massage, except there's no removal of clothing. Contrary to expectation, there isn't much physical contact during the treatment as it's not necessary... however, direct contact may be used when working on secondary chakras (knees, for example). A preference of no physical contact will not affect the ability to receive a complete treatment!

Needless to say, your comfort is of the utmost importance when it comes to receiving treatment. In addition to this though, it is most beneficial for you to stay in a relaxed state during the treatment (a meditative state is preferable). While it is not required, it does make a difference in your ability to process energy healing. With that being said, it will work whether you think it will or not! The effects of a Reiki treatment may not always be felt immediately after, but can be felt for up to 3 days after a treatment - so just be sure to be patient and kind with yourself during this time!