• Ashley Tilson

What are False Beliefs?

False beliefs are relative to conditional programming (of one's mind) - they are learned "facts" that we believe to be correct and acceptable, but they actually aren't. These beliefs are at the root of the negative self-talk we can find ourselves plagued with... all the statements we feed ourselves about not being worthy, good enough, not being liked or capable, etc. It feels impossible to push these thoughts out of our minds because even though we don't want to feel the way they make us feel, the script has been playing for so long that we accept it as our truths. At the root of each belief, there's some form of trauma and it's sometimes as simple as a three-worded sentence thrown at us in anger when we were a child. I want to take a few minutes to reflect on the realizations surrounding these false beliefs and give you an exercise that'll help you do a self-assessment.

Many of our false beliefs are created in the first few years of our lives. As we come into this world and learn from the only teachers we have during our first few years; we were prone to learning the examples and environment we found ourselves in. Then as we start to age, these beliefs are given "justification" through the ways that others treated us. For example: I was that quiet child alone in the corner (due to the trauma I was experiencing at home) so I was often bullied and gossiped about at school; leading me to start believing that I deserved all the abuse. It's terribly sad to realize that even kids can see (and exploit) weaknesses in peers (something that can be avoided with further education, I may add)... but the brutal truth is that this happens all too often to those that had a rough upbringing and it gives strength to one's negative self-talk.

Having said all that, I want YOU to know that there's a way to release yourself from these circumstances! These self-sabotaging statements about myself held me back from pursuing my own wants & needs, and they kept me severely depressed (and feeling hopeless) for many years. I was in therapy for many years too... but there was nothing but a pill in response to this concern. It wasn't until I pursued alternative healing for myself that I discovered we are able to rewrite/rewire our own brain -- we just need the guidance and will to see it through! Part of its success is in your willingness to heal the root issue though, so take your time approaching this and revisit this exercise as many times as you want or need to!

  1. Find yourself a notebook or journal that you can keep within arms reach all day. If you're unable to do that, schedule a half-hour every day where you can sit down, reflect, and write.

  2. Whenever a negative statement pops up in your mind, write it down. It's enough to just record the statements and when you have more time, you can reflect on each and write down; - How each statement makes you feel - What other thoughts each statement causes you to have - Write out any memories that pop up - Optional but noteworthy; write down the changes in your mood and actions before/after having each thought

  3. Do this for a week (or more), then take some time to view the patterns day-to-day. This is all a self-realization exercise that's helping you to learn more about WHY you think the way that you do because this will help you begin to separate yourself from it. Do you begin to notice an alarming presence of traumatic situations? Do you begin to see where negative influences have caused these thoughts - and how they aren't how you want to feel or act? At the very least, are you able to see how unacceptable behaviours were the influence? If needed, look at it all as if you were reading this about someone else -- how would it make you feel to know your child (or friend) were being treated this way? Recognize this to fuel your own fire for change, forgive yourself, and incentivize yourself to come back stronger!

Just allow yourself to process your emotions and sit in this state of realization as much - and as often - as you feel the need. It's only when we begin journaling and speaking our truths that we begin to open up to healing and transformation.. not to mention unlocking other forgotten memories of significance. And if you need any support doing this, or are ready to rewrite these statements into positive ones, consider a free consultation call with me to get a personalized healing plan. Until then, happy journaling! :)

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