• Ashley Tilson

My First Reiki Success Story

There's only so much that testimonials can tell you, especially since you have no insight into the reasons that brought people to me. Yet as I seek to find a story I can share, I can't help but think of my late dog, Teddy. At least in his case, I can tell you the struggles and surprises that came from his experience.

Teddy was your average 12-year-old dog - he was a small breed with recently diagnosed hypothyroidism, but otherwise in good shape. We had a busy and joyful holiday season, including him in all our celebrations, as usual... and everything was great! But on the first weekend of January 2019, I was awoken to a disturbing cough; coming from Teddy as he struggled to get comfortable and sleep. By the morning, I was ready to take him to the vet wondering what could possibly have caused something so serious and sudden.

The vet first thought he had a cold and treated him for that, but as he started to refuse to eat and wasn't getting any better, I was back and ready to make the trip to another clinic if I had to. This time, they re-examined him and told me it was his heart - a previously undetected enlargement that's finally pushed him to the end. I couldn't accept it, even as we had to leave him there on oxygen and debate the next step.

I would do anything for my dog(s), as they're essentially my children since I don't have any... so I picked him up and took him to the hospital for a second opinion from a cardiologist. It was only after these tests were done that we got the actual diagnosis: pneumonia, pancreatitis, and severe pulmonary hypertension. They did everything they could, short of putting him in ICU (which was recommended, but highly expensive), but still braced us for a sudden end as they presented the DNR paperwork.

I chose to resuscitate. Some would think this is cruel, but deep down, I had a thought that it wouldn't come to that. I went home to inevitably spend the night sitting by my phone, but pivoted as I reminded myself of my practices - that of being a Reiki Practitioner!

At first, I just sent Reiki his way and reached out to those alike to help by doing the same. But then something strange happened... something that I've never done before but had the sudden urge to do -- I prayed. Except it's not the "kneeling by the bed" type of praying... I meditated and asked the Archangels, Angels, and all that could hear me to heal him. I knew I could not unnaturally extend his life, but I truly believed he could come out of this and be given more time.

It was a painstaking night as we waited for the phone to ring. Finally, in the morning, we received a check-in call saying that he pulled through the night, bounced back, and was eating! They were just going to keep him until the afternoon to reassess him and see if he could be released. We were overjoyed - even as they informed us his follow up care meant a strict schedule of medications and the possibility that he would only last another 6 months, maximum. I took him home, ready to do everything I could possibly do and make the most out of his new retirement.

But it didn't take long before I started performing Reiki on him. He was a very skittish (rescue) dog that didn't stay still unless resting, but it wasn't long before he started feeling into it and relaxing; sometimes even directing me to his Throat & Heart by pushing his head up between my hands. He soaked it all up well.... so when it was time for his 6-month check-in with the cardiologist, she refused to run further tests after exclaiming that she was looking at a different dog.

Whatever the prognosis was, it was now thrown out the window. We broke the record expectancy for his condition and its severity, and the vets were all genuinely interested in following his story because of this. I kept being told, "whatever you're doing, keep doing it", so that's exactly what I did! He continued to receive routine Reiki from me, slept with crystals under his bed, and lived his days to the fullest - charging through snow, running after squirrels, and barking at "intruders"; all activities we were told he wouldn't be strong enough to do.

I counted my blessings as we celebrated his 13th birthday, and as we passed the 1-year anniversary of that troubling weekend. Now into 2020, we knew we couldn't have him forever but I continued to work on him while giving him more space to snooze away his days. As we found ourselves in a pickle with our living situation, we decided to make a bold move and opted to buy our first house. I promised Teddy he'd get to spend his final days enjoying the fruits of our love and labour, but little did I realize how soon that would be.

On July 11, 2020, Teddy passed away after suffering a decline in his health. We knew it was his time and that he held on to make it to our new forever home, and I'm grateful we had these opportunities to share with him. While I admit it's still sad to know that we lost him a couple of months after our move, I'm reassured knowing that he not only celebrated his 14th birthday here but beat the odds by a long shot.

When the vet consulted me in the hours before his passing, there was a silence that fell over the line as he affirmed his diagnosis only has an expectancy of 6 months. When I replied to his question of when he was diagnosed, noting that it was 18 months prior, we all knew it was just his time. We opted to euthanize him, and I connected with his spirit after to converse and provide more love & healing to him. Thanks to my spiritual work, he continues to brace us with his presence in many ways.

Now, upon reflection, I know he will always be my greatest success story because this here is the ONLY explanation I was able to give any vet that asked what it was I was doing (besides the medications and suggested diet change). Giving him the gift of more time is something that's priceless, and it only served as more experience on my journey to becoming a healer. And while Healers legally are in no position to say we can treat/cure physical conditions, I hope this story speaks for itself in terms of the possibilities that spiritual healing can achieve! #reiki #energyhealing #spiritualhealing #fortheloveofdogs