• Ashley Tilson

Look "Outside of the Box"

When I talk about my recovery nowadays, I remind myself that there was once a time where I believed it to be completely impossible to feel safe and happy. Ever since I was about 12 years old, I was in-and-out of different treatments for depression and anxiety (PTSD; as it was later diagnosed); including medications that were often changed. I remember being in such a low place that I thought it would be better to end my life, and I truly believed things (myself, my life, all circumstances) would never get better. I feel for those that know what this is like because no doubt, we've had some experiences that only added to this and which cause us to believe all the things we shouldn't believe about ourselves.

I was in my late twenties when I started to get angry about it . "This isn't life" was a thought I found myself thinking often... but even with all the ground-breaking therapy and its realizations (which uncovered my past trauma), I didn't know how to turn a new leaf. It got to a point where therapy was great for airing out my truths and getting comfortable talking about it - but talking about it was beginning to get me nowhere. I, like many other victims, ended up being stuck trying to pursue legal action only to told I'd be better off just 'moving on'. It's not because no one thought I should press charges, but rather because it would mean a years-long battle in court wherein it was [apparently!] almost guaranteed nothing would happen. That was enraging, and for a while, I thought the only way to begin alleviating the trauma was to see some justice... but it isn't the answer.

With this going on, I channeled all my depressing thoughts into anger over all that has happened to me and where that left me. I recognized that I had been struggling for a long time and was just beginning to discover my true self (that one that was buried under my past trauma), which further fed my anger. Fearing a mental breakdown, I decided to start looking "outside of the box" for help. With spiritual practices and understanding breaking ground in society, I couldn't help but feel this was where my answers could be found. It was desperation, but it also wasn't - because I was 100% ready to simply see what happens and write it off if it didn't do anything for me. And well.. let's just say I was shocked...

I didn't realize it at the time, but all the healing I received was helping me with my trauma by removing negative energies I was holding onto (I went from feeling a literal weight on my shoulders to standing taller with less back pain), removing the energetic connections I had to the people that caused me pain, and transforming my mindset by examining the issues playing on my mind from an outside perspective. All of that (and more) can be achieved using these natural healing methods - which require nothing more from a client than being able to relax/meditate. It left me thinking "wow, had I known to do this stuff years ago, I would be so different by now"! Whenever this thought crept up, I had to remind myself that 'late is better than never' and that everything happens when it's best for us!

All too often, Healers are born from trauma as they hit this life-changing point and find themselves learning how to do it. The same happened to me; I started searching for answers, which led me to intuitive healing, then becoming a student (and so on). Many people become students but don't go on to offer services to others, which just depends on one's confidence and comfort level. So rest assured that if the path of an Intuitive Healer is something you only want for personal gain, that's perfectly fine! But for those of us that find happiness and a sense of purpose in showing others how to transform their lives - because if we did it, you can too! - then you know why it is that we preach what we do and do it with pride!

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