• Ashley Tilson

How Reiki Works

Reiki, which translates to Universal Life Force Energy or Source Energy, is a form of natural healing that's considered to be spiritual. The teachings are in fact very old... but it is something that's been gaining popularity as the knowledge becomes more widespread in North America, as Intuitive Healers emerge, and as more people awaken to their spiritual truths. Most come to Reiki upon a curiosity, and for many... Reiki is life-changing for many reasons.


   I cannot tell you that it will cure any illness, but the mystery of Reiki has created many miracles including fast-tracking recovery from surgery. Most of my clients come to me because they need help with their anxiety and depression, and/or are simply curious to try Reiki. They notice there's some unseen force that keeps them feeling bound to the stress they try so hard to avoid.

Little do most realize that there's an energetic factor involved. Everything is made up of energy, and as such we use energy with every effort that we carry out. Whether it's physical, mental, or both - we're constantly using, and thus putting out, energy with all our actions.

Did you know that you carry these energies around with you?

   This is that feeling of having the weight of the world on your shoulders... which you may see cause actual physical symptoms in your shoulders, neck, and back anytime you're stressed and running on steam. It can also be a mental trigger that makes you feel that you can't let certain things go - so the energy stays attached and affects you through rehashing the moments that hurt the most; even though you want to move on and leave it behind. The list can go on, but these are fairly common complaints.​

   Whether it's effects on your aura, energetic attachments [to people], or absorption from others (if you're energetically sensitive; which a lot of you are!)... one can have many needs to heal when it comes to Reiki...

Every session is unique because I will have to see what needs of yours I can heal...

Reiki is a form of energy healing that does not require physical touch. This is possible because I'm attuned for Distance Healing, and it is carried to you wherever you are as I channel you for your session. There are a few things that occur throughout the session, and while I like to note that they're intended to be relaxing and calming (my clients often fall asleep), it's also not unheard of for there to be some discomfort (tingling, aching) if I work on a problem area. This is usually a recent illness or injury that's soaking up the healing energy or a large blockage that's finally being removed, but the sensations do go away as I move on from that spot. Otherwise, you'll be left feeling calm and possibly ready to take a long, rejuvenating sleep.

Reiki works by:

1) Opening / Strengthening your primary chakras. When you're new to Reiki, it's common for me to see that your chakras are small, dim, clogged, overworked, and not flowing energy as they should. Reiki will restore their natural order, and widen them in time so that you're more in tune with this aspect of yourself. As chakras are reinvigorated through Reiki, your energy/chi can be felt & seen flowing more freely throughout your body which will have subsequent effects on you physically.

This is why it's recommended for beginners to have 3 weekly appointments to start. Like chiropractic work; I need to get your chakras back in the working order before you can purely focus on maintenance. Most clients opt for bi-weekly/monthly appointments following their initial 3, and I've watched my clients grow mentally & spiritually at a quicker rate when they follow this schedule.

2) Removing negative & dense energy. The majority of the blockages and clogs are caused by negative energies that have attached themselves to the body. They could be lingering feelings and triggers from traumatic events, the "burn" left from hurtful words, ill wishes upon you, or simply energies you picked up from other people. Reiki works to cleanse your entire body of these stagnant energies that don't belong to you - and many of the "hand waving' motions you may see me do during sessions are me facilitating the removal of them.

3) Realignment. One of the processes I follow with Reiki is I rebalance the energies between your masculine & feminine sides; as it's no secret that people tend to favour one side over the other. Once blockages are removed, I can also assess the flow of energy throughout your body and facilitate any necessary alignments needed. When it's time, other chakras such as your Higher Heart and Soul Star will become visible to become connected to your physical body. Such alignments will help you feel even more in tune with your inner desires and purpose and help to open up your Intuitive channels if that is your intention.

While it's best to begin receiving Reiki in-person, there's no reason why you can't have your sessions online! When I treat someone online, I use an attuned crystal chakra set to target each area of your body. With all my Reiki treatments, I incorporate the use of smudging (sage & palo santo) -- which you can opt-out of if it would irritate a health condition in-person. This is great for cleansing & releasing, and it helps me to prevent these energies from attaching within my home.

Interested in trying it for the first time? Contact me to arrange your appointment!