• Ashley Tilson

How Reiki Made Me A Believer

If you're reading this, then you're probably wondering how it was that I got started on the healing path. Like many people, I was at a crossroads... I had just been through months of groundbreaking therapy that brought to light past abuse and I was beginning to change my life for the better in ways that I could. But at the end of the day, I knew there was something missing that could provide me with a release from my past. I reached further by seeing other therapists, going to support groups for sexual assault victims, AND went to the police... but after it was concluded that I'd be better off just walking away and abandoning the triggering, years-long struggle that court would provide (the reality behind many people not pressing charges) -- I felt defeated.

This was when I went to see an Intuitive Healer for the first time. At first, I really just wanted the reading in the hopes of getting answers on why it happened to me and what that means for my future (as someone who was always too triggered by surroundings to keep a job for longer than a year). Considering my circumstances, I was left wondering how I could find personal redemption and live a life that made me fulfilled and happy because that seemed completely impossible to me. But behind all the trauma & abuse was the fact that I kept quiet about my intuition; noting how I had frequently avoided worsening situations by recognizing when I was "walking on eggshells", and I'd hole myself up in my bedroom. But besides that point (the identification of my gifts) was the fact that I was seeking a form of closure that therapy didn't provide at all...

But Reiki ended up changing that!

At first, I didn't really feel anything during the Reiki session, but I couldn't help but notice the invisible weight I felt on my shoulders had been released. As it was explained to me that Reiki works to remove negative energy and "stuckness" (among other things), I couldn't help but notice a sense of safety and relief that followed my sessions. But since I came into these practices as a complete skeptic, I took it all with a grain of salt and even booked other Healers in other cities just to see if I would receive the same results and messages. Low and behold, the messages were universal - which finally opened the door to my belief. And as I kept receiving Reiki, my abilities began to strengthen as I was able to start feeling all the work these Healers were doing to me. But one particular session pushed me completely off the seat of skepticism, and it's worth sharing here.

I once attended a session while I had a troublesome ovarian cyst, which was at the point of being monitored for its growth so that it could be determined if I needed surgery. Having had ovarian cysts before, this was nothing new for me but it also wasn't something I felt like mentioning to the Healer. In intuitive healing work, it's actually an unspoken legal practice that we CANNOT claim to treat or heal any physical conditions; mostly because we cannot make promises we may not be able to keep, but mainly because we don't go against the practices & recommendations of medical doctors. And since no Healer had ever told me they either wanted to know about, or could treat, physical conditions... I went through the session just asking for mental release. But to my surprise [this time], the Healer stopped when she reached the area of the cyst and began working on it.... and she didn't stop as I gritted my teeth through the pain of what felt like her sucking the cyst out of my body. She didn't move on until I felt the cyst explode, but I didn't take any stock in what had just happened...

It all came to slap me in the face a few days later when I had another follow-up ultrasound wherein the results showed that the cyst was gone!

I had SO MANY questions after this, but going back to see my hometown Healer just resulted in me becoming her student because I was finally ready. The rest became history as I started practicing on myself and others, and every session just proved more and more to me as I was able to (1) begin seeing the "unseen" aspects of healing, (2) began transforming myself, and (3) began tapping into more intuitive channels. The unspoken truth about trauma is that it causes a person to become more sensitive, which is why it's common for those that first identify as an Empath to have had this history. Deep down, we all know there are additional measures to heal ourselves long before we even discover them... which is why I ended up finding my purpose through becoming a Healer; and being able to help others in the ways that I needed to help myself. In the end, it all boils down to one truth -- which is that if it works, then that's all that matters and it's definitely worth trying!

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