• Ashley Tilson

How Intuitive Healing Helps PTSD

One of the reasons I'm so passionate about what I do is because my own training helped me overcome PTSD. Here I was thinking I would just be empowering my spiritual gifts and learning healing modalities when low and behold - practicing this work on myself caused a night-and-day transformation. I want to take a few minutes to talk about this so you can identify if my services will help you...

If you've done your research on me, then you know that I base my approach and healing on the fact that I endured a lot of childhood & sexual trauma myself. It's something that took me more than 20 years to admit to because up until then I felt like I was just a "number in the system". Since the age of 12, I was in-and-out of therapy - including spending 3 months in a day program - and had been on multiple medications at the same time, which had frequent dose changes (and were often switched up) because nothing worked. I was so high-strung and anxious that a Valium with Ativan wouldn't even knock me out to get some sleep...

Suffering this way as a young adult led me into my addictions. I smoked because that was the only stress relief I felt. I became obese through "eating my emotions". And while I never had a problem with not having alcohol, I also noticed that I could easily get carried away anytime I drank. The problem with the stigma surrounding addiction is that there's always a painful problem behind it (that caused it) - and it takes addressing that to finally change the addiction/habit itself.

But when something traumatic - that ends up causing PTSD - happens, you sometimes don't know what the root problem is. When it happens at a young age, the likelihood is higher that we'll repress the memories in order to survive. We may even acknowledge it, but not for what it is nor see the fact that we can find a way to release ourselves from it. Depending on the severity of the situation, adults can also repress these memories. BUT the one thing they can still see is the fact that certain people and certain situations (also certain words and sounds) can trigger a person into a mentally unstable state.

My PTSD controlled my life, but because I had shoved my traumatic memories deep down, I suffered greatly. Doctors & psychiatrists didn't diagnose it as such (just that I was highly depressed & anxious, with OCD and disassociative disorder) because I never found myself in a position to dig it up. All the coaching and advice made me feel completely broken, but I had no idea how to "live a better life" (as I put it) until I finally hit an age where I was ready to initiate change.

It took some serious soul-searching to dig up those memories, but when I finally did - I went back into therapy with a clear goal in mind. This was when it was finally diagnosed as PTSD; especially noting how my triggers ended up affecting my ability to stay in a job for longer than a year (I quit frequently and often when I couldn't "take it anymore"). And while I wish to point out that therapy helped me to see things clearly and come to terms with what happened to me, it got to a point where I felt like we were talking in circles...

Where's the closure?

Where's my redemption?

HOW do I move on from this so that it doesn't dictate my life anymore?

These were just a few of the questions that I was left with, which therapists (I saw many) couldn't answer. Beyond pressing legal charges, there was nothing else they could say to do. So I felt desperate and went to an Intuitive Healer for a reading - which turned into me trying Reiki. And while it's true that my first reading revealed that all this happened to me to turn me into the Healer I've now become, it's not even the point I want to make here -- Reiki alone helped me to release the emotional baggage I felt throughout my body while allowing me to feel more safe & comfortable speaking my truths.

Even though Reiki provided an energetic release from my past, I began to notice that there were other spiritual explanations to the "hold" my trauma had on me. After I learned Reiki & Crystal Healing (for my own curiosity and self-care), I took a leap to enroll in a 6-month multi-modality healer program which taught me Inner Child work and Ego Alchemy (Shadow work), among other things. This was when I unexpectedly found out how to "make my PTSD go away" -- as Inner Child work helped me to get comfortable facing my past trauma and getting the closure I needed, while Ego Alchemy helped me see my triggers differently, and lessen my reaction to them. Then it was only a matter of time and more sessions that set me free completely.

And while I wish to remind everyone that I don't want you to outright quit therapy & your medication (something I was able to do when the time was right), I want you to know that this is an additional measure you can use to set yourself up to move on. This work brought me to a place of feeling that it didn't control my life anymore, and it was only when I noticed this feeling that I was able to flip the switch and start living my life the way I wanted to. While the world is still opening up to its understanding of Intuitive (natural) healing modalities, I know that all that matters is the fact that it worked!

You can book a free consultation call with me to discuss your needs further, knowing that I offer bulk sessions at a discount specifically for this type of healing.

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