• Ashley Tilson

Intuitive Healing Modalities: Explained

Intuitive Healing is used to describe holistic healing modalities that are conducted based on the healer's intuition about the concerns and the client. It's a long-winded topic to explain in more detail, especially since there are many modalities that are available to utilize. I know I can throw these terms around and get 10 more questions in response to each, which is why I want to take this opportunity to highlight the reasons why you'd want to explore each modality further. All are carried out using guided meditation - and specifically, when working with me, I'd guide you and provide accompanying Reiki as well. Healing this way allows the client themselves to come into awareness, process emotions that are involved, and because you're in a calm state while doing so, clearly see the root causes and what needs to be physically done moving forward. Read on to learn more about my most popular modalities!

How these sessions work is that I begin by gaining your permission to channel you so that I can, 1) observe your experience, 2) guide you and facilitate the healing, and 3) receive messages on your behalf. This part is essential in allowing me to give you a completely personalized experience as opposed to a pre-recorded guided meditation that would not know to address a specific message or directive you were meant to acknowledge and act on. The following descriptions are an overview of what each modality is primarily used for:

Cord Cutting/Cleansing

You know how when you've been around someone for so long, there comes a point where you know what they're about to say or do.. or know when they're hiding something? Or perhaps you can recall times where you've been away from someone, then felt something was wrong with them - and found out something did happen to them? In metaphysics, this is explained as being possible due to the energetic attachment between people. As you spend a lot of time with someone, you create an etheric cord that [in the Third Eye's view] literally looks like an attached cord that sends energy and messages back and forth... no matter the physical distance.

But there comes certain times and scenarios in which one would seek to heal this energetic cord that keeps them connected to another. It can only be determined at the time of healing if the cord can permanently be removed (Cut) or if it simply needs Cleansing to begin healing the relationship (or the needs you seek from it). Most times, Cords are addressed when one seeks to bring closure to a past relationship or one that's connected to trauma. Otherwise, a cord may show in other Intuitive Healing sessions if it's necessary to address it.

Inner Child Work

One of my favourites; Inner Child work involves a series of sessions where one works with - you guessed it - their Inner Child! The first session serves as a breakthrough as you seek to connect and interact with your childhood self. From there, it's a journey of healing and connecting as you revisit your youth to remind yourself of all the small joys you may have let yourself outgrow. The benefits are that of releasing all negative thoughts & feelings connected to your childhood, and for rekindling youthful energy by exploring your childhood passions & interests (to pursue in the physical world!).

As a Transformational Trauma-Release Healer with extensive personal experience in this modality, I help others use Inner Child work to get to a point where they're finally ready and able to face their childhood fears - including that of traumatic events that occurred. This can bring life-changing healing and closure to the dark parts that may have remained unspoken, and gives you the validation, forgiveness, and release you need. If you're ready to explore this modality, I invite you to take part in my FREE introductory workshop for it!

Shadow Work / Ego Alchemy

Would you like to take a Shadow of yours that bothers you and bring it into the light? What if I told you that you could?! Little do we realize that how we carry ourselves, and react, as adults have a direct relation to exposures from our youth. Sometimes it takes seeing our shadows (our fears, false beliefs & learned negative behaviour) through Shadow Work to realize why we think and act the way we do about certain things. Most of it is ingrained, so we don't think twice about it until we take this opportunity to face it.

Have you ever wished you could take an emotion that's too trigger-happy for your own good, and tone it down? Ego Alchemy is something to be visited when someone is ready to change their reactions & tendencies to better serve their needs. This form of healing allows one to separate from their mind just long enough to determine that they can - and how they want to - control particular feelings and traits that no longer align with their personality. If there are certain reactions you're struggling with; as in you react one way but feel a different way, and know you want to react differently, then this type of session is for you! I tend to bridge these two practices together since more often than not, they go hand-in-hand for my clients and can easily be done at the same time; as long as we're addressing one core issue at a time.

Womb/Sacral Healing

Have you suffered from any form of sexual trauma and feel there's an invisible barrier between you and healthy sex life? This stems from the trauma itself. While most people that were sexually abused as children grow up with active (and sometimes overactive) sex drives, they don't realize the trauma they're putting themselves through by A) acting out to try and fill the need the trauma itself created, and B) surrendering their body to use they subconsciously aren't aligned with. Some adults finally realize this when they become aware that they disassociate during sexual activity (their mind & thoughts go elsewhere) and/or find no pleasure aside "getting the deed done", or [in some cases] believe that it's an activity that's attached to obligation or unhealthy/false belief of needing to prove to someone that they love them.

This form of healing focuses entirely on your Sacral chakra and the sex organs that are attached to it. As a woman, it's powerful to address the Womb in addition to the chakra so that issues from childbirth can also be healed. Alternatively, there's benefit in all sexes returning to the place of their birth for healing any root issues - because many start exactly where we started! Every session goes as directed for the individual's needs, and many have found a release from sexual wounds, in addition to a renewed, healthy sex drive by going through this type of healing.

Relationship Alchemy

This is a modality that I intuitively channeled for one of my client's needs! Are you in a healthy, loving relationship that seems to have hit a rocky point? Those that are energetically sensitive can experience this from time to time if their partner is closed off... or, especially, following a disagreement, but it usually seems to resolve itself when a shift in energy is experienced. Even if this doesn't apply, I'm certain you'll find benefits if you need an extra boost while working through a rough patch.

Relationship Alchemy allows you to provide energetic Cleansing & Healing to all energetic aspects of the relationship. We'll address the Etheric Cord, emotions & shadows involved, and the very issue(s) itself... before healing both sides and invoking any boundaries or protection that may be necessary. Since the other party is not directly involved, we can only offer them the effects as appropriate (as they would be willing to accept it), but nevertheless, we'll have set up the foundation for them to heal and reap the benefits with you - which will happen if all is well in their mind!

Soul Retrieval

Are you embarking on your spiritual journey but know there are missing pieces that need to find their way home? This is only natural... one thing that we all quickly learn about this journey is that it's a never-ending one, and one where gifts unlock over time, and knowledge comes when and as we need to know it. One good thing about going to a Healer that's able to guide you on your way is that there are ways to facilitate the next step on your path.

Soul Retrieval can be done at any time and is one that requires multiple times over a long period of time before it's considered "complete". As we begin the session, we'll find out how many Soul Fragments are available for you to retrieve ("download") at that moment in time. We'll work through what's necessary for the integration process and set you up to move forward with confidence!

I also offer Akashic Readings & Healing, Light Body Activations & Upgrades, Healing with Light Codes, DNA Healing, and more for those that are already leading spiritual lives and are seeking these more advanced modalities. If any of the above interests you, be sure to book a session with me!