• Ashley Tilson

Evenings of Love & Light

This week marked a new milestone for me. I ran my first event - a group guided meditation!

Introducing Evening of Love & Light - a guided Meditation with Reiki, and Tarot Readings!

This 90-minute event takes place every Thursday evening @ 7pm in my home Healing room [located in Oakville, ON]. It is suitable for all levels, including those that have never meditated before! You can reserve your spot through Book Online and by selecting the Evening of your choice. It is $20 per person and limited to 4 people per Evening.

To learn what this Evening entails, read on...

Once everyone is comfortable in my Healing room, I begin guiding you with a form of breath-work (this is determined by the experience of those participating). Once everyone is in a meditative state, I move on with guiding you through one of many meditations (determined by the experience and needs of those participating). Before concluding the meditation, I will guide you to a healing spot wherein I physically come around the room and provide you with a "boost" of Reiki energy. While it is completely optional for you to speak about your experience, I welcome discussions following the meditation. Especially when we've done an exploratory meditation - I will define the significance of anything I guided you to observe. It is to be honoured that all discussions that take place during the Evening stay between the circle of participants!

Before we go our separate ways, I have each participant draw a Tarot Card of their choice to reveal & discuss. Additionally, I will pull some cards for the group and reveal them!

What you need to know:

It is OK if you need to fidget or adjust yourself during meditation

It is OK (and perfectly normal) to become emotional during and/or after meditation

It is common to feel light-headed and/or sleepy immediately after meditation *

It is OK if your mind wanders during a meditation - as long as you're able to "recover"

It is OK if you have trouble visualizing something - we can discuss and later revisit this

It can take up to a couple of minutes to return to your waking state - I use the sound of a singing bowl to signify when you should begin to "wake up" (essentially opening your eyes when you're ready, but taking your time to recover from feeling light-headed or detached)

* This is why I leave Tarot Readings for the end - to allow everyone time to "normalize" before they leave (and I would NOT want you to drive until you're ready!). Parking is available and refreshments are provided. I provide my address upon confirmation of reservation. I hope to see you here one Evening! :)