• Ashley Tilson

The Empaths Unleashed Masterclass

During the weekend of February 21 - 23, 2020, I had the privilege of serving a small group of people with my free online Masterclass called Empaths Unleashed.

This 3-Day Online course teaches Empaths practices to Ground, Protect and Heal themselves -- all on your own and without any training! As this Masterclass was hosted in a private Facebook Group, it is forever available for others to enjoy and learn from. In addition to 3 video classes, there are 4 workbooks - 1 introductory workbook and 3 workbooks to accompany each class.

Day 1 focuses on Grounding and quick and easy to implement practices to Ground yourself in any setting (yes, regardless of the circumstances!).

Day 2 focuses on spiritual and energetic Protection through daily self-care practices and meditating with intention.

Day 3 focuses on Healing yourself using crystals, self-care, and meditation! I also introduce you to Reiki to give you a basic understanding of it and explain how it helps to open you up.

Each class runs between 30 - 60 mins and includes a Guided Meditation during the second half. Everyone is encouraged to set the time aside in a low-distraction and low-noise environment to receive the benefits of each class.

You can download the Workbooks and recordings of the complete LIVE Masterclass in my Store!

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