• Ashley Tilson

Intuitive Tarot Readings

At first, Tarot Reading was just another spiritual tool for me; I kept to myself how reassuring, helpful, and spot-on my readings were. One day, I was asked to do a reading for someone who was curious about it but didn't expect anything from it... This person saw a connection in the cards as I was reading the messages, and it turned out to be a more insightful reading than either of us had anticipated. Further providing others with readings only affirmed my gift with this - this is a service I can offer to everyone!


Once I started developing spiritually, I bought my first deck of Tarot Cards. It is the

Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes deck by Doreen Virtue – perfect for guiding me while making changes in my life. Not only did it assure me on my spiritual path, but it supported the life transformation decisions I was making at the time. This deck is a go-to whenever there's a concern surrounding any Life Changes.

Butterfly for Life Changes deck by Doreen Virtue

A few months afterward, I was led to buy the Archangel Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue. Whenever I need Divine guidance, I refer to this deck. More often than not, this deck is drawn upon during times of crucial decision-making or any time there's a "direct message" to be given.

Archangel Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue

The third deck to be added to my collection is The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans – this takes after the “classic-style” (think Rider-Waite) tarot deck. This tends to be drawn upon for direct questions (on relationships, situations, etc.). More often than not, readings with this deck tend to be more in-depth (more than 3 cards).

The Wild Unknown Tarot deck by Kim Krans

My fourth deck is The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck by Kim Kans - a large spread of animal spirits. While this is assumed to be a deck to determine your spirit animal, it is instead for reading into the spirits involved. I find this deck is only drawn upon for very particular readings and can be more than 3-card answers.

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck by Kim Krans

I plan to continue adding to my tarot card collection as time goes on (descriptions will be posted as they're available)! Since I now purely use them as a visual aid, I admit I do not memorize the cards but rather relay the written message then channel for accompanying messages and clarification. You can book an Intuitive Reading with me online or in-person!