• Ashley Tilson

A New Beginning

It has been a long year already and I hope this post finds you well!

Many of my followers noticed that I "dropped off the earth" on my social media presence once the pandemic began. As a lot has happened since then, I want to take a moment to be real (personal) and provide an update to my clients and readers...

Having already felt the lingering uncertainty, I dropped out of an event in early March and was waiting to hear about the postponement of the Burlington Spiritual Symposium & Expo when the pandemic declaration was made. While I patiently await the time in which I can once again look forward to appearing at events, I decided this would be a good time to take a step back and look inward... and this included pursuing other goals while I took time to re-envision my work.

Only my close friends and Empath Confessions readers know that I was laid off from my part-time job weeks before the pandemic began. While this fact wasn't something that ruined my life (so to speak), it definitely made me reconsider where I wanted to be. Job prospects were low (and soon non-existent) at the time, yet my business offerings allow me to work online, and I felt there was no better time to chase my dream of escaping the city. So I'll be honest: That's exactly what I did!

It was completely surreal. On March 8th, my husband and I signed our offer for our dream home out in the country. And as everything unfolded, we were on the edge of our seats waiting to see if everything would go as expected. Once it did, and our closing date rolled around in May, the reality of it all came crashing down. I spent a couple of weeks going back and forth, preparing our new home for the big move... but it still didn't feel real until that point.

Ashley Tilson's new home and base of operations

I wanted to return to social media at this time to share my joy -- in how uplifting it was to move to a rural area and have a set up to offer more services to my clients -- but my thoughts quickly shot it down. Having the sensitivities that I do, I recognize how many out there are suffering the consequences from the pandemic and may be worse off than me, and it's never my intention to share anything to rub people the wrong way. Instead, I kept it to myself, knowing that after everything I've been through and how hard it's been for me to reach this goal - I deserve it. If anything, I want this to be an example that others can reach for their dreams too!

Once we finally got settled in, I spent time upgrading (I am now a Reiki Master/Teacher) and redeveloping my services. Now that I have a home in a quiet, countryside area, with an outdoor hot tub, I knew I want to be able to share the "escape" experience with my clients. I started seeing local clients for in-person sessions (testing out my new COVID-19 protocol) and took it day by day with a relaunch in mind for the near future.

Sadly, my relaunch plans took a backburner in July when my dog, Teddy, fell ill. Thanks to our love and my efforts in healing him, he had already outlived his prognosis by 13 months... Thankfully getting the chance to enjoy our new spacious home/backyard, and celebrating his 14th birthday here. But, unfortunately, his time came. We did everything we could, even leaving him in the care of a specialized hospital upon optimism that he could be stabilized.. but after finding out he was crashing, we made the gut-wrenching decision to euthanize him.

Teddy Tilson (picture taken on his 13th Birthday)

It was a very hard time for me considering how close Teddy and I were, so I spent the rest of the summer in my own form of mourning & healing. Essentially; I took the time I needed while still serving clients, but holding myself to no other obligations. I felt bad about hiding myself away in virtual silence but at the same time, I knew I was just doing what I needed to do for myself.

Even with hitting this new low, I found the courage to move forward. Deep down, I knew the best thing I could do in Teddy's honour is to share the love by adopting another dog. It took weeks of deliberation and searching (since so many others are in the market to adopt), but finally, someone landed on my lap. After being on a waitlist for a particular GSD through the SPCA, I was surprised to receive the call that she was still available. We were a bit reluctant upon finding that out, but after virtually meeting her... well, let's just say we were left wondering why no one wanted her.

Gracie carries a light of her own -- having been found wandering (stray), with no chip or tag, having not been spayed, missing an eye, and no evidence of any training -- yet she's the sweetest, smartest, and most playful soul around! Seeing that only having one eye had zero effect on her ability to love life re-inspired me. For a couple of weeks, she bumped into the corners of furniture, doors, and walls, but it never deterred her... she just adapted by learning her way to run around without bumping into anything.

And that had me thinking of it as an analogy; obstacles are but merely bumps on the road, meant to test you and provide a learning experience, but they should not hold you back! The past few months sure have felt bumpy to me, but I needed this thought to realize that it should never stop me; but at the same time, it gave me permission to not feel bad about needing some time for myself.

Thus, September turned into a busy month for me! I've revamped the entire website, refreshed my look for business cards, etc. and am working on some special projects. Additionally, I've added new Package services - that include using my hot tub - and developed new training programs. All of my sessions can be delivered online, and I'm also doing my part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 with thorough cleaning & staggering of my in-person appointments. If you live in the Leeds Grenville & 1000 Islands region and wouldn't mind traveling to Lyn (10 minutes West of Brockville) to see me, you can consider booking in-person.

I'm so excited for this new chapter and I hope you are too!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my services and offerings! #intuitiveempath #intuitivehealer #spiritualhealing #intuitivereadings #tarotcardreadings #reiki #energyhealing #brockville #elizabethtownkitley