Distance Healing Online with Ashley Tilson

Having shifted all of my services online at the beginning of the pandemic has proved one thing - that it's so much more beneficial to serve those far away that still wish to see me! All of my spiritual guidance and holistic healing services are easily done on a Zoom call.

There's something available for everyone and every need...

scroll through the below list to see all of my offerings.

BOOK: Free Online Consultation Call with Ashley Tilson

Meet with me on Zoom for a private, face-to-face, 20-minute consultation.

This is perfect for anyone that's considering the program but has questions first, and anyone that's considering working with me for the first time but wants to get to know me better before booking. It's a total Q&A period where all conversations will be kept completely confidential!

* Please note that while I may offer quick divinely guided intuitive messages that "pop up" while speaking to you, this time cannot be booked for the purposes of providing free readings.

Receive Divine Messages and have your secret questions answered!

Long gone are the days when I relied on the given Tarot Card messages since I now channel messages from my angelic guides & spiritual team, but I still use them as queues and for their visual aesthetic. For $75, get a full hour with me on Zoom to answer your questions, and allow me the opportunity to bring forth messages that are meant to guide and serve you here and now.

* Mediumship readings (messages from or on behalf of loved ones that have passed) can be requested in conjunction with messages for yourself.

SERVICE_ Tarot Card Readings, Angel Messages, and Akashic Readings online with Ashley Tils
BOOK: Personalized Online Holistic Healing with Reiki, with Ashley Tilson

Receive a completely personalized mixed-modality healing session!

No two sessions are ever the same! This is a 90-minute session that's formulated on demand and completely fine-tuned for your immediate needs and concerns. We'll spend the first 10-15 minutes discussing your concerns and goals, and the remainder of the appointment facilitating a mixture of modalities. Optional homework is often suggested.

* Reiki is always provided in addition to the other modalities being utilized. I will lead you through a guided meditation to facilitate the entire session. 


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