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Hey new friend! I'm Ashley Tilson

  Like you, I have experienced a roller coaster that led me to believe that I was destined to lead a life of never-ending negative circumstances. I once thought it to be impossible to feel safe, free, genuinely happy, and have a clear & fulfilling life purpose that I'm able to pursue without having to always look over my shoulder with anxiety and waiting to be triggered.

My life's story is here to uplift you, and let YOU know that it is possible to find true happiness and achieve your dreams!

That it is both obtainable and deserving for you to break free from the chains of your past and completely change how your story proceeds and ends.

In fact, it's both my mission and purpose to contribute to a global shift in a more positive direction by guiding others through stopping the cycle caused by childhood trauma and giving yourself both permission and motivation to have everything that your trauma has taken from you.


but that victims of childhood abuse deserve so much better than that (right?!)..
so one day I put my foot down and sought out solutions to change this...

I was a shy and quiet girl who hid all the trauma, depression, and anxiety...

because there was no one that made me feel safe enough to speak.


I took joy in drawing and singing in the comfort of my bedroom, where I would always lock myself up when I wasn't at school or at the dinner table.


The situation at home could - in a brief nutshell - be described as always tip-toeing around on broken glass while having to read the room to know what to expect.


And at school...
I was repeatedly picked on and became the subject of many false rumours and pranks, including being set up with fake dates with "new friends" and boys.


I was struggling to mentally survive every moment of every day.


By the time I was 13, I watched my last bit of hope shatter. I worked up the courage to share my secret passions with a school guidance counsellor who basically laughed at me when she told me that I couldn't make a career out of my interests.


This final blow, as it was for me, forced me to give up and "grow up".


The reason why this was a final blow: Not long before I had this counselling meeting, I was sexually assaulted by an adult family member...


So I spiralled out of control by the time I started high school.


I retreated into myself.

My only purpose & goal was to survive until I was old enough to get out. 

I just had to wait until I could do so... and then



But the truth was that I would suffer the most as an adult...

Ashley Tilson as a child - early 90s
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I walked into my adult life with all this repressed trauma that blindly created a boulder on my shoulders.

It took YEARS of trying to move on by trying to forget...


Acting strong but totally faking it.

Constantly painting on a smile.

Overworking to prove myself while hating what I was doing.
Always bending over backward to please others.


Then finally, when I was in my late 20s, it all hit me like a brick wall...


I was lost...
severely in debt...
unable to even begin thinking about (or start saving for) buying a house.

I had no long-term outlook since my circumstances saw me uneducated beyond high school.


 I couldn't keep a job for much longer than a year thanks to triggers spiraling me into a mental breakdown.

Despite getting promotions and paving my own career path, I'd quit every job when it became unbearable.

While taking some time off to think, I ended up looking at myself in the mirror, wondering what move to make next, and I realized that I didn't know myself AT ALL.

Who was I? What did I enjoy? What did I want out of life?


I hadn't realized that my repressed trauma took all those answers away from me... 

So I gave myself a swift kick in the rear, only to come into awareness of how leaving all of those secrets unspoken was holding me back in every single area of my life.


My relationships, my career, my finances... all of it suffered because of my past and I had no idea!

It wasn't until these soul-searching questions came up that I began to see how deep this rabbit hole went, and I embarked on this life-transforming journey that turned me into the person I am today...


I was honestly ready to give up on myself... battling depression that multiple medications weren't helping, going to therapy sessions where I wasn't comfortable talking about my past, and leaning on unhealthy habits because none of that was working. I had to hit my rock bottom - which was having serious thoughts about suicide - all because no matter how hard I tried and how much I accomplished, I wasn't at all happy.

But through the tears and anger, I knew that I was meant for so much more.

I seriously asked myself, and any higher power that exists:


How can I find purpose from all this pain?


How can I break free - and truly remain free - from these traumatic triggers?


How can I take back all that my trauma has taken from my life?


I felt like it was already too late for me... but I refused to believe it.


There's power in turning anger & rage into action because it pushed me through my first transformation - where I was able to address the past and begin to heal.

Over the years... \ Ashley Tilson.png

Asking all of those existential questions forced me to do a complete life review.. and through doing so, I began to own my story by recognizing many key truths...

It wasn't my fault that this happened to me.

I could transfer these grisly experiences into my superpower.

That I didn't have to continue the cycle...
I just needed to learn how to break it!

I then did anything and everything that I could find, including all that my many therapists, coaches, and holistic teachers suggested. I buried myself in self-help books, pushed myself through a weight loss journey, took up courses in holistic healing and personal development, and I didn't stop until I went through my first transformation.


Just as I was finally able to get off all of my medications, no longer had anything that I needed to talk about in therapy, and was ready to go to the police to press charges, life threw me a curveball that forced me into the completion of my journey...


At the very beginning of 2019, my dog Teddy got severely sick. My world came caving in on me because as one-half of a childless couple who treats their dogs like their own children, it shook me to my core.

Vets wanted me to give up on him.

They said to put him down.

So what did I do?

I didn't give up!

I seriously turned to my healing modalities for the first time, all using him as my first client (outside of myself and my practice groups), and I watched as the vet's jaws dropped in awe in response! When he made it out of the worst of it, they told me he only had 6 months to live.

This was jarring - but in a way where I realized that you have to cherish and make the most of EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And I couldn't give up trying - on anything - because times like these remind you that life is short... and it doesn't wait for you.

And here's the thing about being determined:

Determination defeats everything that is negative!

Not only did I find pure and true belief in what I was doing by helping Teddy - who ended up living for another 18 months - but I learned so much more about myself by putting my effort into doing everything I possibly could while he was still around.

Teddy Tilson (2018)_edited.jpg
Ashley Tilson, 2019.jpg

That trial became a lesson...


because at the beginning of 2019, I was also focused on having just started my business. But in response to Teddy's trial & the lessons it provided, I pushed myself into further training - while living every moment focused on the positive.


Late in 2019, it hit me like another brick wall, mostly because I had been so busy focusing on Teddy and establishing my business to have realized it...


I ended up going through another transformation - which saw me completely shed my false beliefs, eliminate my minor triggers and significantly reduced my response to my worst triggers, gained my self-confidence through owning my story authentically & shamelessly, and come into my personal mission & purpose.


It absolutely blew me away!

I was in awe realizing that I had now completed my healing journey.. and in retrospect, had found the trauma release process that ACTUALLY works!

And once I had this epiphany, I looked back and found that I could no longer recognize the person that I used to be. THIS IS PRICELESS and was worth all the effort, determination, and heartache that came with the years-long journey.

Once I was aware of this, I knew that my discovered process - and all of the components and teachings involved - needed to be shared with the world. 


I remember what it was like to feel it was completely impossible and out of reach, but that it was well deserved and needed, and I know that YOU need it too!


To me, Trauma Recovery isn't about band-aiding the pain, it's about learning lifelong strategies to heal internally, stamp out negative thoughts and actions, and focus on the higher purpose and end goal results by developing the confidence to authentically and shamelessly go after what you want. And all incomplete without doing what's needed to heal the physical, emotional, and/or sexual wounds, and not have your past hanging over your head.


By going on this journey, I smashed through a lot of accomplishments & obstacles that would continue to hold me back if I hadn't done this!

Sept 24 photoshoot images (9).png

I didn't think there was any way to possibly heal the childhood trauma or address it because it was too late.. and I thought that I would never be able to regain all that was lost during the decades of not knowing myself, feeling stuck in toxic relationships and jobs, and always being 10 steps behind everyone else I knew my age...

This was a big false belief that I didn't know better about until I discovered the opposite! Since my second transformation, I achieved a great many things that were previously deemed impossible. I'm happier than I thought I could ever become, I naturally released my dependency on mind and pain numbing substances (because I no longer needed them), I completely overhauled my marriage for the better, and accomplished many of those previously impossible life-changing decisions such as buying a house.


If you want to know how this can be possible for you, allow me to show you how!

Are you ready to break free from the past and begin your NEW life of pure happiness?

Don't wait for life to continue passing you by!

I know it's nerve-wracking to begin, especially as you know that you'll need to think about it in order to work through it,


it is worth it!!

Ashley Tilson - Sept 2021

Ashley Tilson is a nature-loving dog mom, wife, avid gamer, blogger, and more recently converted from city living to her new rural life (which she is loving). As a Holistic Trauma Recovery Specialist, she bases all of her methodology and processes on her own journey of overcoming childhood trauma & abuse.

She is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healing Practitioner, and Priestess of Light, and maintains her Reiki Practitioner standing with the Canadian Reiki Association.

Ashley works with men and women who are realizing - at a later age - that their childhood trauma has become invisible baggage that weighs on their shoulders and affects how they think, along with everything they do. She works with those that are ready and eager to break free and emerge renewed and empowered by guiding them through her progressive trauma release & recovery program, The Rise of the Phoenixes!

Through the course of her business so far, she's hit some major milestones and achieved highlights including her personal blog, Empath Confessions, which now consistently gets 1000+ readers per month; she is a mentor for the High Priestess Ascension Academy; she has been featured as an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, where she was also awarded the "Top 500 Global" Award in 2021; and she is a graduate & award recipient in Ontario's Starter Company Plus program.

As Ashley likes to say, "If I can do it, you can do it too!" and she takes pride in serving others that are ready to break the cycle and emerge as phoenixes!